Musing Studio

Beneath everything we build is a thoughtful philosophical foundation, formed from years of real experience in the industry. Above all else, we combine our lofty ideals with grounded pragmatism to build tools that are both useful and better for the web.

Small, focused products

Our products each seek to do one thing and one thing well. We avoid endless scope creep, unneeded features, and pointless bloat. We keep a core job-to-be-done in mind. We leverage the entire web ecosystem and weave our products into it, so users ultimately have more choice and freedom.

Creativity starts with privacy

Free expression is only possible on a foundation of privacy and consent — especially online. We should all be able to create, learn, spread our ideas, and do our work online with an expectation of privacy by default. So we only gather data we truly need, and never coerce users into handing over more information than they want to.

Augment abilities; don't subvert them

We believe software should augment human abilities, not subvert them. That means avoiding designs that encourage you to form an addiction to our products; it means avoiding UX dark patterns that subvert your ability to make your own decision; it means avoiding coercion and maintaining basic human rights, rather than undermining them.

Building with you, not just for you

Most of our products start with a simple idea, and something small we can build. We share it as early as possible, and then continue building entirely around the people using it.


In practice, our philosophy manifests into certain common product features, processes, and policies.

Minimal data collection

We only collect the data we need to operate our service and provide you with a useful tool. When extra data can provide more convenience, but isn't necessary, we make it optional to you. When we receive legal requests for the data we have, we scrutinize them and only hand it over when absolutely necessary.

By collecting as little data as possible about you, you don't have to sacrifice your privacy to use our tools.

Minimal data sharing

We never share your personal information for marketing purposes, and we avoid unnecessary third-party tools, so your data isn't floating around and shared with services you didn't consent to.

To this end, we self-host certain services like website analytics and custom fonts, and even build our own replacement services when self-hosting isn't an option.