Musing Studio

At Musing Studio, we dedicate much of our time to deeply understanding our values. They guide us in our professional decisions, our often-intertwined personal lives, and our ambitions. They determine who we work with, and what we work on.


The act of stepping outside of oneself is enough to start you in the right direction.

In all we do, we start from a place of empathy for the person on the other side of the screen or conversation. Empathy brings us closer to the truth of any situation and closer to each other, which we need in order to do the right work.


Beneath layers of emotion, perception, and language, there is a universal thread of truth. We seek this out.

Whatever we might call it — truth, common ground, or mutual understanding — we work in line with what we know to be true, and temper our modern truths with constant empathy, questioning, and refining, so we might find any truths that lie deeper.


Most values of consumer society and the commercial internet — status, wealth, and material belongings — are less important to us than the humans that actually comprise society.

These modern concerns are remote ideas that ultimately keep people apart, like a windshield that lets us view the world only at a distance. We prefer to be on the street, in the thick of it, as close to others as humanly possible.

In practice, this means letting people be themselves, instead of imposing our worldview on their every digital interaction. It means asking for consent, instead of assuming someone wants what we want. It means being a confidant when someone needs it, and forgetting things when they ask for it. It means getting permission through conscious agreement, not coercion.


Most people have an innate sense of what is good in the world. We're in touch with this intuition, and guided by it.

We aim to do no harm — to each other, to the planet, to ourselves — in all we do. We won't further others' extractive business models, for example by paying for targeted ads. We won't capitalize on human labor to the detriment of the humans laboring. We won't build or support products that we see as a net-negative on the world. We embrace and encourage competition, rather than seek to crush it. The list goes on; you get the idea.